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The Boutiques community is a big, growing family. We take pride in fostering community dialogue: between brands; between visitors and designers; between industry stakeholders and entrepreneurs.

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Sheryl Lim

With her petite frame, Sheryl struggled to find lingerie that fit well and feel good: "No one likes wearing a bra that gapes — you'll feel conscious the entire day!" Created for all women, her lingerie label takes into consideration customer feedback in order to produce well-fitting intimates that empowers. 


Brand story

The story behind SUSY + BAE draws from our belief that beautiful, well-fitting intimates can transform the way a woman feel. It’s a simple joy that comes with wearing something beautiful on the inside

At the heart of SUSY + BAE, we want our customers to celebrate their bodies and appreciate their own body.


Customers’ feedback

The planning of a new collection begins with an evaluation of how our previous styles are doing: Should any further improvements be made? What are our shoppers looking for?

Customers’ feedback is extremely important to us and we do our best to respond quickly. It could be a small suggestion but we’ll take everything into consideration.

As a small business owner,

You’re in charge of everything — you’re working 24/7 as an admin, marketer, accountant, designer, web tech, etc.

It’s hard work but that also means you get free rein on creating a brand that truly represents your personal values. And that is the most fulfilling part.


Social responsibility is

About being mindful of your actions and its effects on society and the environment.


Being handmade

Our pieces are handcrafted not mass produced and almost all of customers are appreciative of this. We work with a family workshop run by a mother-daughter team who helps to bring our designs to life.

When we first started sharing our production stories, we had a few people asking if everything was sewn by hand. While we don’t use a needle and thread to hand-stitch everything, our fabrics are cut by hand and stitched together with a sewing machine by a seamstress.


Slow fashion

I think the idea of slow fashion is gaining traction in our local market. There are definitely more brands focusing on slow fashion. I think it begins with an understanding on the philosophy of slow fashion and the need for it. If you understand it, you’ll naturally be more receptive.

A good place to start is by being more conscious of our tendencies toward having a disposable mindset. For example, we are used to buying things for special occasions like a new dress for an office party. However, we could be more intentional with every piece in our wardrobe by asking the right questions before purchasing: why do I need it? How does it fit into my lifestyle?