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The Boutiques community is a big, growing family. We take pride in fostering community dialogue: between brands; between visitors and designers; between industry stakeholders and entrepreneurs.

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Ondina Montgomery

Short for Mad About Hue, MAHCollection's luxe resortwear embraces whimsical prints and a plethora of colours.


Brand story

MAHCollection was born out of my love for textiles and patterns. I’m inspired by everyday, small things as well as the people I meet and the cultures I experience whenever I travel.


Creative collaborations

Having collaborated with artists before, I believe collaborations

are essential as it provides the community access to variety.


As a small business owner,

I believe in supporting fellow small business owners that are like-minded.


Social responsibility is

Giving back.

If a brand is looking to take up social responsibility, they can start by looking at the U.N.’s sustainable development goals.

At the same time, people can also shop responsibly by opting for quality so that products have a longer lifespan, which in turn reduces waste.


Business model

Our company is by women for women, which is why we recently changed our business model from working with manufacturers to employing single mothers.


Women empowerment

We’re still at an early stage of trying to put together a team of mothers that can help with our local sample development and it can be quite a challenge when it comes to teaching the different approaches to sewing but we believe in empowering and supporting women.

The fashion industry can do so much to help women empowerment such as through the transferring of skills and providing fair jobs to people in emerging countries.