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Anita Rusli

It first started after Anita's trip to Istanbul. Enamoured by the Turkish evil eye, she was inspired to piece together one-of-a-kind statement accessories.


Brand vision

Our brand vision is still a work-in-progress but we’re in it for the long run.

Through our production in Yogyakarta, we hope to encourage women in need and stay-home mums to be financially independent even though it’s customary for women in Indonesia to focus on motherhood instead.

By providing them an option to develop their crafting skills, we hope they’ll feel comfortable with their own abilities to pursue financial independence.



My inspirations have always been tied to my identity — familiar places, travels, people I’ve met along the way, and of course the culture and heritage of Indonesia.


Working process

I always work by trial and error. It’s through creating prototypes that I learn to get things right to perfection. One crucial step I learned is exploring and understanding the technicalities of each element — be it a shape, form, material, or even client — because whenever you work with something new, you’re bound to face new challenges.


Social responsibility is

Taking the extra step to do what is right.

Being a socially responsible brand takes more than marketing yourself as such. We are not yet a 100% socially responsible brand but one of the challenges that we had was making our packaging eco-friendly.

Packaging generates a lot of wastage but it’s also essential when it comes to branding. Last Christmas, we did our first eco-gift wrap in order to encourage people to shop responsible and reduce wastage (of wrapping paper). It was a long process of researching and doing cost analysis for months but we executed it. In fact, one of our resolutions this year is to create more awareness for people to shop responsibly during Christmas.


As a small business owner,

My journey — though lonesome and tough — has been one full of growth and self-discovery.

With every obstacle encountered, I find new ways of overcoming them. It also serves as a good reminder that nothing worth having comes easily.

Gladys Goh