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Alex and Clara

To Alex and Clara of Sunday Bedding, sleep is more than essential — it’s personal. We all have different sleeping preferences that affect our quality of sleep and that’s why Sunday Bedding aims to help you hit your pillows hard at night with their range of bedding.⁣


Brand mission

At Sunday Bedding, we believe that sleep is a personal experience.

By understanding your sleeping habits, we strive to help you wake up to a better morning by recommending sheets that are best suited for your needs.


Providing good working conditions

We believe in providing our workers a fair compensation — sometimes somewhat higher than market rate. We also ensure that their concerns are addressed. As a result, the turnover rate in our factory is relatively low.


As a small business owner,

We are grateful for the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other local brands. Many of their stories have been truly inspiring and it motivates us to do better!


Social responsibility is

To evaluate one’s actions and empathise the impact it has on both the people and the world in present times and the future.


Sustainable textiles

Textile sustainability is very complex — there are many benchmarks and units of social impact to be measured. The production process of each type of fabric also has a different impact on the environment. For example, cultivating 1kg of cotton draws on as much as 3800 litres of water and producing polyester consumes twice the amount of energy required to make the same amount of cotton.

SB-25 copy.jpg

Sunday Bedding launched with products made from bamboo and cotton. The process in developing bamboo fabric requires less water and pesticides than cotton and is also completely biodegradable. Moving forward, we will phase out our current cotton products and move towards organic cotton. Our factory holds ourselves to a high standard of water disposal as well; the water that our factories release at the end of our process is completely potable.